Current Teaching (2019-20)

  • Sociolinguistic Theory (MA)
  • Research Methods in Sociolinguistics (MA)
  • Sex, Gender and Language (BA, MA)
  • Sociolinguistic Variation and Change (BA)

Previous Teaching (QMUL and NYU)

  • Bilingualism
  • History of English
  • Language and Ethnicity
  • Introduction to Phonetics
  • Introduction to Phonology
  • Languages of the World
  • Language in the UK
  • Language Style and Stylisation
  • Language Attitudes and Speech Perception

Invited Workshops

  • Language and Identity in Sociolinguistics (ABRALIN, 2019)
  • Scales of Meaning in Variation (Copenhagen Winter School in Sociolinguistics, 2019)
  • Navigating Quantitative Analysis (University of Lausanne, 2017)
  • Intersectionality and Sociolinguistics (University of the Western Cape, 2015)
  • Methods in Sociolinguistic Perception Research (University of Copenhagen, 2014)
  • Gender, Sexuality and Language (University of São Paulo, 2012)
  • Speech Perception and Identity in Interaction (Sociolinguistics Summer School, Glasgow, 2011)