Accent Bias in Britain

We have created a number of different training tools and public resources on accent bias and accent discrimination. We recently published a report for the Sutton Trust, entitled Speaking Up, on accent and social mobility in Britain. Our work was also featured in the BBC documentary How to Crack the Class Ceiling.

Languages and Lives in Deaf Communities

The Center for the Study of Language and Society, in cooperation with the Swiss Federation of the Deaf, organized a 2-day public workshop in Bern in November 2022 on language and culture in Deaf communities. Over 700 academics, activists, policymakers, and community members participated in the event.

The initiative was launched by the Center for the Study of Language and Society in 2020, in coordination with the 50th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Switzerland. Through this initiative, we aim to foster awareness about language and sexism in Swiss society and to show the importance of language issues for equality and justice more generally.